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Are you looking for a French-to-English translator specializing in agriculture? Let’s talk. I recently translated « The Winter Market Gardener, » a guide to winter farming written by the pionneering Jean-Martin Fortier and Catherine Sylvestre. I would love to help bring your work to an English market. What you can expect:

🥕 TECHNICAL EXPERTISE: my farming education and work experience are invaluable for my clients. I have degree in agricultural engineering and spent years working on a farm in Montréal, Quebec.

🥕 PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  I’ll ask you questions ahead of time, help set common expectations, and establish realistic deadlines, so I can deliver on time. It’s a turnkey service—so you can focus on your work.

🥕 PROFESSIONALISM: my clients trust me to get the job done well, to the highest level of quality, on time and on budget. As a certified translator, I will be your trusted partner.

For any questions, please reach out! Always happy to talk shop 👩‍🌾

Literary Translation

  • Choosing to bring your work to a new audience is both exhilarating and daunting! We can meet to discuss your book and how it could be adapted to your new audience’s culture, while staying true to the original text.

Translations for Nonprofits and Corporations

  • From brief emails and press releases to company reports, websites, and employee guides, you can expect translations that read as though they were written in English.

Happy Clients!

"Your background has proven to be invaluable for these projects and your professionalism and honesty and integrity in realistic scheduling and on-time delivery to specification is very significant. I personally value professionalism very highly and want to be able to trust that someone can get a job done well to the highest level of quality and on time and budget without me needing to micromanage them."
Happy Client
Book Publisher
"We cannot speak too highly of Laurie, great work ethic, takes time to understand the content and has worked with third party organisations in terms of technical specifications for materials etc."
teacher, female, woman
President, Biomedical Co.
"Laurie has been working with us for almost 5 years now. She is dedicated to quality and makes sure our clients’ needs are heard and understood. An organizational wizard, we are pleased to have her by our side."
Vincent Lambert
Co-Founder, TactikMedia
"Nous avons travaillé avec Laurie et sa collègue Valérie pour mener à terme de nombreux projets. Elles offrent un service professionnel et dynamique. De plus, elles respectent toujours les délais de livraison. C’est un plaisir de faire équipe avec elles."
Amélie L. Bouchard
Production du Rapide-Blanc, Extérieur Jour
"J’ai eu la chance de collaborer avec Laurie à maintes reprises sur différents projets depuis les dernières années. Son travail est exemplaire et cela apporte une valeur essentielle à mon entreprise et à mes clients.

Je pense entre autres à un mandat de CAVAC, un organisme sans but lucratif, où Laurie s’est particulièrement démarquée par son expertise, son talent et son professionnalisme. Je recommande chaleureusement les services de Laurie pour tous mandats de traduction. C’est une chance pour l’équipe de Onakì de collaborer avec elle.
photo of client providing testimonial
François Clément
Onakì Création

About Me

After completing a bachelor’s degree in agricultural engineering, I worked for four years on a small, diversified vegetable farm, first as an intern and later in greenhouse management. 

Today, as a certified French-to-English translator, I am the Treasurer of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia, an associate member of the American Translators’ Association (ATA) and a volunteer on the ATA Business Practices Committee. Through this work, I am invested in building a stronger professional translation community.

Since 2017, I have been collaborating with a team of fellow translators and proofreaders. We all work in our native language, so that your
messaging will sound fresh and natural.

Like you, my clients toil tirelessly to bring new ideas and products to their customers. It’s always a treat to dive into their world and get excited about their work too. The finished product represents their brand, just as it did in French.

How does the process work?

My translation services are set up to make your experience straightforward and efficient. 
Because I value your time and your vision.

Consultation & Planning

Together, we will assess your needs, audience, and goals. Based on these answers, we establish a timeline and budget, and address any issues upfront that might slow down the project along the way.

Building a Glossary

For more long-term partnerships, we work with you and your team to select the right technical terms and cultural vocabulary. These are compiled for future use, for consistent messaging.

Translation &

Once the contract is accepted, we dive right in, then come back around to consult with your team as questions arise. All final products are proofread for quality assurance.

The Final

We return files to you in the format you selected, with any relevant, seals, translator statements, notarized documents, and more. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Credentials & Memberships

Certified French-to-English Translator
Certified Member since 2021

Treasurer (STIBC Board) since 2022
Associate Member since 2017


Associate Member since 2020
Member of the French Language Division

Member of the Business Practices Committee (volunteer)


Bachelor’s Degree – Bioresource Engineering
Completed in 2013
Agricultural engineering and agronomy
Green building technologies

F.A.Q. – Never a Silly Question

Price will vary depending on the scope of work, size of files, turnaround time, and more. Please reach out and I’ll be happy to provide a free, zero-obligations quote within 48 hours. Get a quote today.

Please fill out the contact form and attach the document you wish to translate. As per STIBC and ATA ethical guidelines, your documents will remain confidential.

No problem, this is quite common. Together, we will confirm your requirements* and I will set up a meeting with a local notary.
*When a notarized translation is required, it’s important to carefully read over the instructions provided by the institution that is requesting this translation. We want to make sure the translation meets all requirements, to avoid having to issue multiple translations or meet with the notary more than once, which is costly.

All payments can be made via e-transfer. The timeline for payment will depend on many factors including the scope of work. For individuals requiring certified translations, we request full payment before starting the translation work.

Excellent question. First, as a certified and active member of the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British-Columbia, I completed a rigorous exam requiring a national standard for translation into English. All work provided by our team is translated and/or proofread by myself.

The package you receive will include: a signed translators’ statement, my STIBC-certified stamp, the original document(s) and the translated document(s), as well as any notarized files or affidavits, if these were requested.


I am pleased to have built lasting relationships with these clients.

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